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Security System Services

Complete Security Solutions

Security Alarm Systems

Security alarm systems are used all over the world, providing a sense security for you, your family and or business. Utilising a large variety of well known and industry respected equipment. SecureTel prides itself on planning, customising and implementing a comprehensive alarm system to ensure all your security needs are meet.

Commercial alarm systems

Most businesses prefer the option of installing a more robust system such as the ‘GE Tecom Challenger’ or ‘Inner Range Concept’ panel. These types of systems have the flexibility to be integrated with other building automation services, access control, 24hr monitoring and CCTV.

SecureTel’s staff are highly trained and qualified to meet your security requirements. We are qualified and experienced installers/programmers of GE Tecom Challenger and Inner Range Concept Systems and hold a GE Forcefield accreditation.

Residential alarm systems

A security alarm system provides you with piece of mind knowing your family and home are protected. The level of protection from your alarm system can vary from home to home according to needs, our alarm systems have functions that enable perimeter, partial and full arming of a property.

For example: You can arm the downstairs area of your home whilst you move freely about the upstairs area. Arming the perimeter allows you to move freely throughout the whole house, whilst knowing that the alarm is on.

Pets and Alarm systems

We offer quality sensors that are ‘Pet Immune’.  This allows your pets to be indoors, and roam freely without activating any alarms.

CCTV – Closed Circuit Television

CCTV is a widely used ‘Visual Surveillance Technology’ that utilises a private/ closed video link between cameras and monitors that is not publicly transmitted, restricting viewing to a specific group or certain individuals. CCTV is designed for monitoring a variety of environments simultaneously.

CCTV can be used for a variety of purposes in Commercial and Residential properties for safety, security and operations. CCTV provides real time, time lapse and digitally recorded video footage/surveillance.

CCTV and Your Home

CCTV can be used to provide a visual touch to your surroundings. SecureTel can install and program day/night, PTZ and IR cameras that allow you to see what is happening in certain areas of your home and its boundaries with the simple touch of a button.

Smart Phone Application

With an application that can be downloaded to your smart phone, you can visually monitor your home in real time whilst you are not there.

CCTV and Commercial Business

CCTV can be used in Commercial properties to provide safety, security and to visually monitor employees, specific areas and grounds.

CCTV cameras can be strategically placed according to individual business needs, both internally and externally around the premises. SecureTel will discuss your needs and create a comprehensive plan that caters for all of your security requirements.

At SecureTel we strive to keep ourselves updated with latest technology (as it evolves) to provide you with the best security solution.

SecureTel recommends the following CCTV options:

  • Analog CCTV Systems (using coax)
  • Digital IP CCTV Systems (structure cabling using CAT6)
  • Balun System (using Structured Cabling)
  • Fibre Optic Systems (used mainly were distances exceed cabling thresholds for CAT6 or Coax
  • Point of Sale Integration

Cameras and functions:

  • Dome Type with IR illumination (internal or external)
  • Full Body Day/Night cameras with different lens sizes to suit field of view
  • Vandal Resistant Cameras
  • PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) They have exceptional zoom functions and provide you with 360 Degrees of constant motion.
  • PTZ with auto tracking

Video/Audio Intercom Systems

Video Intercoms are communication devices that are designed for safety and security purposes. Video intercoms allow you to see, hear and interact with someone without providing them entrance to your property.

Commercial Intercoms

Video /Audio intercoms can be utilised to identify clients, deliveries, tradesmen and the like. When incorporated with Access Control they allow you to identify and allow access to your premises.

Video Intercoms have the potential to operate over multi levels and across buildings providing you with greater communication potential.

Residential Intercoms

Video intercoms can provide a little added comfort when your front door bell rings. You can see and interact with the person on the other side of the door using an LCD monitor without providing them access to your home.

Structured Cabling

SecureTel is frequently asked “What is structured cabling or smart wiring?” The simple answer: They are the same. Smart wiring is widely heard in the domestic market where as structured cabling is commonly used in the commercial market.

Structured cabling is a cable network that is designed to support communication and technology services throughout an office space or building. The design itself can become very complex and as such requires qualified technicians to install it.

We specialise in CAT 5e and CAT 6 cabling network systems. The different systems that can connect to your network(s) are:

  • Computers
  • Peripheral Devices used by Computers
  • Telephone Systems
  • Wireless Networks (or Access Points)
  • POS registers
  • IP Cameras (require CAT6 installation)
  • Printers
  • Machinery
  • Digital Video Recorders
  • SecureTel’s installations  meet the cabling requirements set out by AS/ACIF S009:2006

Access Control

Access Control is becoming a ‘necessity’ for any business in the commercial sector. Rather than thinking of it as simply unlocking or locking of doors, Access Control can provide you with a full audit trail system. This allows the system operator to be in touch with their business. Access Control is commonly used by a variety of businesses (ranging from retail to multi story buildings) but can also provide a keyless function to the home owner.

Access Control works by sending credentials from a card, code or pin directly to a control panel that determines whether or not access is granted to a particular area or building. It is an ideal security solution that provides security for yourself, employees and your assets.

Access Control is commonly used to:

  • Provide access to a Property
  • Control access to Specific Areas
  • Prohibit access (out of hours), to various areas of a building/residence.
  • Complete Audit Trail by monitoring who is accessing a building/area through sophisticated software
  • Observe, monitor movement and accessibility in secure areas.
  • Access Control is not limited to Doors or Entry points; but can be used for gates, lifts, turnstiles, boom gates and delivery areas.
  • Can be integrated Biometric devices- use of fingerprint identification, retina scan.
  • Provide a safer working environment
  • Can be remotely administered anytime