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Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring and peace of mind

Security Monitoring

Monitoring of your security alarm system has a variety of benefits and can provide you with complete piece of mind. Our monitoring centre meets the most stringent compliance requirements.

24 Hour Monitoring

Imagine having the peace of mind knowing that your home or business is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Alarm signals are sent directly to the control room where highly trained operators action all calls immediately. These operators are able to inform you where the alarm was activated and provide you with the option of sending out a security patrol car immediately.

Alarms that are fitted with Duress, Police, Medical and the Fire Department will be directed to the control room via the monitoring process, for immediate action

Many activated alarms go unattended or ignored by neighbours and people in general; 24 hour monitoring provides piece of mind that all alarms will be actioned immediately.


The dialler communications system works by using a standard phone line or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Alarm signals are sent via the PSTN to contact and communicate with the control room. (Relevant call charges will apply)

Systems that are programed using a dialler system can be set up to send ‘test signals’ to the control room. In the event that this process does not take place, the control room will alert the property owner and or SecureTel so that any issues can be rectified immediately.

Dialler systems can be further enhanced by integrating a GSM backup system.

GSM Back Up

GSM ‘Back Up’ provides customers with a cost effective solution for communication failures that can occur through environmental damage (Storms, etc) or by deliberate actions, by providing you with a backup and allowing your alarm system to maintain contact with the control room. It can also act as secondary line of defence when connectivity is lost, through PSTN line failures.

GSM Backup may not be available in all areas.


GPRS can provide an affordable communication system to maintain consistant contact with the control room. GPRS does not require a telephone line and as such provides one of the highest level of security possible by utilising a wireless connection.

GPRS is compatible with the majority of alarm systems. It is a cost effective solution with permanent online connection, requiring no phone lines. GPRS systems are recognised by most insurance agencies, giving you complete peace of mind knowing your home or business is monitored 24/7.

This type of system utilises four independant paths of communication to the control room. And is the most secure, reliable source of communication, meeting modern telecommunication demands.

GPRS is not restricted by network congestion and does not share a public telephone network. As it does not share its network with phones/faxes or ADSL services it is immune to hackers that would generally use these communication paths. It is a secure IP wireless network, solely dedicated to alarm monitoring.